fleet investor 



We understand you may have many questions. The process is pretty simple we often try to work within your vision. The first step will be the fleet investor application. We don't judge based off credit score numbers we understand that its more to people besides numbers. After the application is submitted, a representative will reach out to discuss more about your intentions and how you would like to proceed. 

What is a fleet investor? 

    A fleet investor is an individual who chooses to cooperate with us to produce more vehicles to our fleet for rental purposes. How is this accomplished? We will work with you to find perfect vehicles that fit perfect into our budget plan for the fleet. These vehicles will be lien to the individual investor. However, these vehicles will not be registered to the individual investor. The Investor will still remain the title holder for lien purposes. Throughout this process, you will be informed every step of the way. Nothing is finalized until we are on proper terms. Below are links that will provide you with something that you might need to move forward. 

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Fleet Application

Have a question ?

Why me ?

We actually prefer using personal lien rather than balance lien due to a number of reasons. Our company is still in its early stage and to finance a fleet of cars under the company is a bit premature. So we must build a strong fleet to show such lenders we are capable of maintaining a large fleet and covering every payment. This also give us a chance to help individuals get on the road to success with helping them get a car and also putting additional income in households that need it. 

Still a bit confused ? 

Don't worry its perfectly normal it happens usually. The process is not complicated we basically purchase vehicles to return a profit on. The vehicle will get paid by the money in which we make renting the car out the rental prices range from $75 dollars a day to thousands depending on the vehicle. 

How do I qualify ?

Everyone qualifies to join the family we will not reject any investor. We understand many people may be worried about credit issues or credit safety in fact . We have multiple dealers throughout New York , New Jersey and others states that work with us to ensure everyone is approved. We worry about the hard part while you sit back and enjoy your rewards. This process have been known too seriously improve people credit as well help individuals in need of additional income. These vehicles are in constant demand you will be amazed how big the rental industry is especially in your neighborhood. 

 What is a lien mean ?

As I stated previously the vehicle will have a lien meaning the vehicle will have a bank loan attached to the vehicle in which we will pay every month to pay off the vehicle. This is common with financed and leased vehicles.  

How is the vehicle insured ?

The most scary part is car accidents. However we will be covered through a number of insurances which will protect the vehicle interest. However, we can not promise that the vehicle may never end up damaged but we can say it will be insured. 

How is the vehicle Registered ?

Once we receive the title, we will be on the road to success. We will register the vehicle under the LLC giving you a piece of mind from tickets and any other traffic violation or parking violation the vehicles encounter. However you will remain the title holder of the vehicle due to the fact the auto lien is in your name.

If the vehicle gets damaged, then what happens ?

We will always have multiple insurances on the vehicle due to the nature of the business yes that can mean total loss of a car. However the bank will receive a check from the insurance company then usually after a month or so it will become a paid off auto loan on your credit report. This is a good thing because it helps your credit grow. You can simply re purchase a new vehicle if the vehicle is totaled. If vehicle is drivable, however have minor damage we would use our vehicle saving plan to pay out of pocket than charge the client for all damages.